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Account Manager

Customer Success

2+ years experience in biz dev/AM/CS

Ready to deliver true value?

Being an Efficient Frontier Account Manager is a unique position requiring a unique unboxable talent.

As you'll be working with International CEOs and VPs in the unpredictable financial crypto market, you must be a fearless, bold communicator who is confident being the face of Efficient Frontier to your 15+ clients.

You should be a pro at relationship building and project management as you'll be executing contracts and negotiations, and managing client expectations on deliverables.

Working with three others in your immediate team, you'll enjoy a flexible work schedule with unconventional hours, (that's crypto for you!) - the right talent will thrive with the freedom of managing their own time.

Self-motivated? Great! Approachable and professional? Perfect! Know your crypto? Sweet! Value deep connections with people you work with? Excellent! Our family-like atmosphere could be the perfect place for you to grow

Am I eligible? If you have the following, great!

Below are non-negotiable requirements for the position

  • Trading knowledge preferably crypto & blockchain or any e-finance platform
  • Experience presenting to clients
  • Great English (written & verbal)
  • Comfortable working in a small team
  • If not performed in an AM role, proven client-facing experience
  • Sales experience a plus

Hybrid skills needed

Do you have the right skill set for this job?

  • Ethical with high morals
  • Data-oriented
  • A relationship builder
  • Methodological
  • A team player
  • Results-oriented
  • Time/self management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation/ reports building skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Strategic thinking
  • Tech skills

A day in the life of an Account Manager

  • Early Morning:
    After a few days of remote working, you're in the office today. Grab a coffee then open your task management tool to see your priorities. Have your daily chat with the trading department to understand recent news from the Bursa
  • Morning:
    Open Telegram to communicate in weekly syncs with your clients then take a deserved break as you'll be working this evening
  • Mid morning:
    Mitigate an important call with a client who's enquiring about liquidating money as the price is higher than they're comfortable with
  • Lunchtime:
    Enjoy lunch with teammates discussing tactical strategies
  • Afternoon:
    Create new Asana tasks for the trading department then build a client report on their current trading status and projection. Contact a client and advise them on the benefits of a new trading strategy then celebrate an achievement with the team - EF onboarded a new client!
  • Late nights:
    Take a call with a client then prepare for tomorrow's early start
Account Manager


* No CV needed