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Algo-Trading Researcher


Ready to take our product to the next level?

Our R&D team is missing an Algo-Trading Researcher to level up our unique platform.

Interested in surfacing new algorithms and technologies? Great! Skilled at doing research and understanding statistical analyses to improve trading strategies? Excellent! Got a passion for deep diving into emerging cryptocurrency markets and exchanges? Perfect!  Understand modelling markets based on large and complex data sets? Superb! Curious to analyze strategies that will optimize profitability? Boom! Get a kick out of being part of a dynamic and versatile R&D-oriented environment? Result!

We love people who're determined to get to the bottom of any issue, have the tenacity for learning new ways of doing things, and can handle their tasks without the need for hand-holding. If this sounds like you, you could thrive with us in this role.

Am I eligible? If you have the following, great!

Below are non-negotiable requirements for the position

  • Academic degree in math, statistics, computer science or similar
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct research using large noisy real-world datasets
  • Strong programming skills (with a preference for Python)
  • PhD an advantage
  • Experience with algorithmic trading & cryptocurrencies an advantage
  • Vast contribution to open-source projects an advantage

Hybrid skills required

Do you have the right skill set for this job?

  • Data oriented
  • Detail oriented
  • Innovative
  • Tech savvy
  • Passionate about trading
  • A fast-learner
  • Research abilities
  • Analytical skills
  • Strategic thinking
  • Crypto knowledge
  • Up to date knowledge of crypto
  • Programming skills

A day in the life of an Algo-Trading Researcher

  • Early Morning:
    Grab your breakfast and a coffee to start your day
  • Morning:
    Check your emails/Slack/Telegram then go over your Asana open tasks list. Have a standup meet with the R&D team to discuss priorities
  • Mid morning:
    Continue coding a novel algorithm you're developing then do some deep dive research on an emerging cryptocurrency market
  • Lunchtime:
    Take time away from your desk chatting with colleagues and refuelling for the afternoon
  • Afternoon:
    Sit with a colleague for an idea generation and strategy development meet
  • Late nights:
    Occasionally, work on solving a critical problem as our markets never go to sleep
Algo-Trading Researcher


* No CV needed