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Python Developer


3+ years as a Python Developer

Ready to unleash the power of our product?

We're looking for a magic-touch developer who knows server-side logic like the back of their hand. If you've performed this role for the three years required, you'll know the core skills needed (writing code, debugging etc), but the talent who will really thrive here at Efficient Frontier must have a working knowledge (and passion!) for cryptocurrencies development.

Am I eligible? If you have the following, great!

Below are non-negotiable requirements for the position

  • 3 years experience in software development (must)
  • DB knowledge (Postgresql/Redis) - Advantage
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or able to demonstrate significant relevant field experience
  • Self driven and motivated with passion for research and high-performance software
  • Interest in Cryptocurrencies

Hybrid skills required

Do you have the right skill set for this job?

  • Analytical
  • A fast learner
  • A team player
  • Python skills
  • Web frameworks abilities
  • Crypto knowledge

A day in the life of a Python Developer

  • Early Morning
    Set yourself up for the day with a healthy breakfast and a strong coffee!
  • Morning
    Look over your emails/Slack/Telegram/Asana to see open tasks, then have a quick scrum meeting with the team
  • Mid-morning
    Code your heart out!
  • Lunchtime
    Grab lunch with colleagues and discuss non-work related topics
  • Afternoon
    More coding. Help a fellow developer who's struggling and needs your expertise
  • Late Nights
    Occasionally, work on a critical issue (our markets are 24/7)
Python Developer


* No CV needed